Edinburgh Castle Hotel


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Edinburgh Castle Hotel

Brunswick, VIC

Edinburgh Castle Hotel
Edinburgh Castle

Much like its namesake, a thousand-year-old basalt castle perched upon a volcano, the Edinburgh Castle (Hotel) has a long and storied history that broadly mirrors the development of the area it’s come to embody.

LIVE MUSIC is a rite of passage at The Ed. If you’re a low-key act from the northern suburbs, chances are you’ve played here before.

FAMOUS FOR being Brunswick’s oldest pub, what a claim to fame!

INFAMOUS FOR its gritty gold-rush history.

Brunswick’s oldest pub, the Edinburgh Castle opened back in 1854 – the same year as the Eureka Stockade – as a pub for gold miners to visit on the day-long journey from the populated areas around Collingwood to the gold fields in what is now Essendon (a commute that still sucks in peak hour).

These days, grubby prospectors are replaced by a hip Brunny clientele, but the venue’s inherent quirkiness remains. It’s a big building with a proud white brick and tile facade (also from the 1800s) that beams at you as you trundle down Sydney Road. Upon entering, you’re greeted by a large alpine mural. We’re not quite sure why, but it’s lovely.

There’s a self-described ‘DJ Tank’ with funky murals dropping beats outside, a dedicated band stage, a spacious beer garden, a 500+ person capacity, and a classic gastropub menu with a spread of beers and cocktails.

As its age and prime location would suggest, the Edinburgh Castle has a large, loyal following. It boasts a front bar, two dining rooms, and the aforementioned garden that’s often bathed in sunlight well into the afternoon. It all leads to a fantastic atmosphere.

We love it most for its commitment to live and local music: gigs six days per week, often multiple per day, offering emerging and established talent the chance to strut their stuff.

Visit the Edinburgh Castle seven days per week at 681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.