Barton Fink


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Barton Fink


Words By Kaya Martin

The Thornbury Bar pays tribute to its namesake movie just about everywhere you look.

Live music: is intimate and inclusive at Barton Fink. It’s an ideal space for singer-songwriters and emerging indie bands who are looking to find their footing.

Famous for: the impressive cocktails. While the menu may leave a lot up to the imagination, with simple descriptors like “herbs” (how mysterious), the end result will not disappoint. 

Infamous for: the quirky text-based posters plastered on almost every surface, reminiscent of some of the jokes your uncle might post on Facebook. See: “My wife ran off with my best mate. I really miss him.” Hate when that happens. 

A quick synopsis of the Coen Brothers’ Barton Fink for those who haven’t seen it: an aloof screenwriter moves to Los Angeles to work on the movies. He struggles with writer’s block. He gets laid. There’s a murder. It’s a good flick so I’m not going to spoil the rest. Honestly, you should probably put down the magazine and go watch it. 

Hanging above the bar, there’s a blue neon sign reading “We all have the Barton Fink feeling”. The 1940s furnishings nod to the time period of the movie and there’s even a typewriter for when moments of brilliance strike. With moody lighting, an Americana-themed food menu and warm, inviting staff, the bar exudes a vibe of cosy nostalgia making it all too easy to waste away the hours. 

One of the highlights of Barton Fink is its versatility. With a beer garden out back, lots of indoor hang-out spots and a smoker’s patio in the front, it can accommodate almost any need. While any bar can be a good time when you’re out with friends, we’re always on the hunt for a place to sink a few whiskeys while working on your latest manuscript. Barton Fink more than fits the bill, catering to a creative crowd and offering lots of seats up at the bar with plenty of room for you and your Moleskine. Who knows? You might even bump elbows with your next muse.