Dine in complete darkness at this Melbourne restaurant

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Dine in complete darkness at this Melbourne restaurant


You know the old adage: as one sense disappears, the others grow stronger. That’s the thought behind Dans Le Noir, the restaurant inviting diners to experience their meals in pitch black darkness. 

Diners don’t know what they’re eating, and they don’t know who they’re eating besides. In fact, even the waiters themselves are blind — acting as personal guides throughout the experience. 

According to the restaurant, dining in complete darkness reawakens your senses and allows diners to completely reimagine their perception of taste and smell. 

Each guest can select a limited choice of surprise menus. And while diners don’t know exactly what they’re eating, a general category is able to be selected. In that sense, the experience becomes completely about the flavours, aromas, textures and seasoning — not the preconceived notions behind specific dishes. 

Dans le Noir was first conceived in 1997, and has expanded to cities including London, Barcelona, Madrid, New York and more. 

For the Melbourne incarnation, the restaurant has teamed up with Vision Australia — working in partnership to provide working opportunities to those who are blind or living with low vision.