Die Roten Punkte: Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

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Die Roten Punkte: Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

This event is part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Berlin’s prince and princess of art rock and Europop, Otto & Astrid, spent years arguing about which songs should appear on their much-anticipated fifth Die Roten Punkte album. Unable to come to a consensus they decided to tour separately with their own musicians, but nobody else wanted to play with them. So now they are stuck being each other’s backing band in a… Joint Solo Project.

A lipstick-smeared sonic collision between The B-52s, Pixies, Kraftwerk, and early Ramones, Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project is one of the most irreverently seitenspaltung gigs you are ever likely to see. With ridiculously infectious songs and exceptional physical comedy, Otto & Astrid are truly one of a kind. A multi-award-winning Teutonic twosome, they have played everywhere from Soho Theatre London to Joe’s Pub in New York and The Roxy in Los Angeles. They also opened for Amanda Palmer in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Running for a limited time during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness the latest musical stylings from the world’s most dysfunctional band. A definite, must-see highlight in the 2023 Victorian Arts Calendar!