Dianas’ first album in five years is an evocative dream pop adventure

Dianas’ first album in five years is an evocative dream pop adventure


Dianas’ Nathalie Pavlovic joined us for episode six of the Turning heads podcast.

Episode six of Turning heads features a conversation with Melbourne-based musician Nathalie Pavlovic, who is one third of the band Dianas. Dianas released their second full-length album in early May. It’s called Baby Baby and arrives five years after their debut self-titled effort.

Pavlovic and guitarist Caitlin Moloney started the band in Perth nearly ten years ago. Dianas relocated to the east coast shortly after releasing 2015’s Dianas, and they’re now joined by drummer Anetta Nevin. By 2017, they’d established themselves on the Melbourne scene and released the Leave Love EP in December of that year.

Dianas is a band of multiple vocalists and songwriters and the arrangements on Baby Baby tend to showcase each band member’s musical personality. Their music sits somewhere on the post-punk spectrum. It doesn’t so much adhere to the markers of post-punk as a stylistic movement, but it carries a comparable spirit of fearless expression.

Along with playing bass and singing, Pavlovic recorded and mixed the album and put it out through her label, Blossom Rot Records. She also plays in Snowy Band, who were the subject of Turning heads episode five, and forms part of the Elizabeth live band.

For the podcast, we spoke about how she’s been dealing with the crazy events of 2020, how it feels to put out the first Dianas album in five years and how the band’s confidence has grown over the years.

Check out the podcast episode below:

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