‘Déjà vu’: Kundalini Project’s ethereal sounds and shamanic drums

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‘Déjà vu’: Kundalini Project’s ethereal sounds and shamanic drums

Kundalini Project

Kundalini Project’s new track 'Déjà vu' is a mesmerising blend of shamanic drums, non-linguistic phrases, and ethereal sounds.

Kundalini Project is a musical collective that aims to create “a global soundscape for the soul” – they say it’s a sentiment they’ve achieved with their latest track, noting that the collaboration with Amla & Solana the Artist has resulted in a “truly unique and deeply psychedelic experience”.

The project is the brainchild of Bruce Gil, who also runs Sacred Vision Records.

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The latest release comes with a music video that sits right at home in Australia’s bush doof and psychedelic subcultures, a sense that’s reiterated by their evocative descriptions of both their music, and the broader aims of their project.

The drums and percussion are sharp and driving, while the calls of non-linguistic vocals and lush synth retro-pads add an element of mystery and intrigue. Kundalini Project say it’s a track that will “transport you to other realms and leave you feeling immersed and invigorated”.


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The Kundalini Project say their music and live shows enable audiences to tap into their “deep earthy serpent energy, sliding through lush flowing textures, undulating on deep rolling basslines and frenetically vibrating on staccato percussive sounds”.

Coupled with all the right builds and drops, Kundalini Project aims to give the listener and dancefloor a variety of inspiration to really create some dancefloor alchemy.

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This article was made in partnership with Kundalini Project.