De Lux : More Disco Songs About Love

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De Lux : More Disco Songs About Love


The upside of this record is that in an era of limitless production capacity via programs such as Ableton, there’s a focused single-dimensionality to analogue music that is reassuring.

Lead single ‘875 Dollars’is a dance music piece that successfully lifts the song above those who came before in the synth revival stakes – Classixx, Holy Ghost – but the semi-falsetto vocals lack soul and aren’t particularly compelling.

A bit of context for those who are still trying to stump up the energy to check this out: In November last year De Lux supported Cut Copy at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

Thematically, the bands’ founding members and songwriters Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco are pleading with you to not take them too seriously with song titles like ‘These Are Some of The Things That I Think About’ and the sardonic ‘Writing Music For Money, To Write More Music’.