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Dayzed have announced the release of their debut album ‘Wake Up the Sun’, scheduled to drop on September 21. To celebrate the release they will be showcasing their unique brand of dream-pop and psychedelia at the Old Bar with supports from friends Mature Themes and Dog Door.

Dayzed occupy that nebulous ridge between the soporific blur of shoegaze, and the more hard-lined groove of alternative-rock. ‘Wake Up The Sun’ evokes the vastness and brightness of open-air, of driving a steering wheel too hot to touch, and of solitude that’s both heavy and necessary. Dayzed is sensitive to pace—these nine songs follow a steadiness akin to more satisfying experiences of time; hours that feel deep & rolling. But as any solid debut should, it senses when to veer around, contract and spangle out.

‘Wake Up The Sun’ shimmers with the kind of confidence that’s hard to emulate— calm, clear-eyed assurance. The album’s second track, ‘Tidal Gaze’ (a fitting name for a song that feels like an unwavering, slowly-rising vision) exhibits this kind of deceptive nonchalance. Dayzed know how to tastefully build and release tension. Colours and tones evolve and shift with the same unhurried quality of Josh’s vocals across the LP. The album snakes between phantasmic, shadowy moods that appear on ‘Now You Know’ and ‘On The Run’ — both reminiscent of a night time desert montage— to the frothy, luminous sprawlings on ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Sometimes’. To listen to ‘Wake Up The Sun’ is to peer in and out of stained glass; music that is fugue, and equally, lucidity.