Dance Buena Vista

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Dance Buena Vista

From the phenomenon of the Buena Vista Social Club there is Eric Turro Martinez the king of Cuban dance. A living legend of the Cuban international dance scene the man who brought Cuba’s traditional dance to the world-renowned stage shows; The Bar at Buena Vista Havana Rumba and Hemmingway’s Havana touring with the greatest icon of Cuban music worldwide since 2004.

DANCE BUENA VISTA Cuban history narrated and expressed through a stage show by a living legend of the international Cuban scene a trip through the Golden age of Cuba the Havana of the 50s. Invoking scenes of fancy hotels and casinos in the Caribbean for the rich White elite celebrities both famous and infamous of that era. The Social Clubs the place for the more humble Blacks the poor people of Cuba. The places that gave birth to some of the most famous performers in Cuban history.

DANCE BUENA VISTA is a cocktail of Cuban music. Dancers and singers will make you feel the passion of Cuban music through every move and every note. A live production that only a Cuban dancer and artistic director like Eric Turro Martinez could offer.

Showing at The Palms at Crown for ONE SHOW ONLY!!