Dan Waters and the B.B Band

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Dan Waters and the B.B Band


What’s your name, And the name of your band…

Dan Waters and the B.B Band

Define your genre in five words or less:

New odd country folk songs

How long have you been gigging and writing?

I’m a late bloomer, I didn’t start performing seriously until I was thirty. So, that’s four years now. I use to write songs to try to pick up chicks when I was younger. They never seemed to work. Then I started writing songs about how my songs didn’t get girls. They did seem to work. Since then, it’s been country folk music for me. The B.B Band have been with me for 5 months.

And what do you do in the band?

Confuse everybody else. Write and sing the songs. Give Seamus O’Sullivan a hard time for being really good at pedal steel guitar.

Who else have you and your band closely worked with?

There’s tons of great folk / alt country peoples playing in Melbourne. I’ve played a lot with Jordie Lane and Tracey McNeil. I also played for a bit in Nashville, I could name drop for a while.

What has been your favourite gig you’ve played to date?

I had a great farewell gig at the Grace Darling, just before I moved to Nashville. Then a really good one with the Carter Brothers in Nashville. They’ve all been pretty good…. except this one time in Williamstown when a dude from the local football club took his pants off in the middle of the crowd.

Which band would you most like to have a battle/showdown with?

There’s been a turf war between me and the Wiggles for some time now. So long as they don’t wear their colours in Brunswick, there’s no need for bloodshed. “What’s that Jeff?…….nothing?……yeah, that’s what I thought you said”.

What inspires or has influenced your music the most?

I heard Todd Snider say once that if you can pack up all your stuff and leave town within 15 minutes – and if you live the kind of life were that you have to leave town everynow and then, you’ll always be writing good songs. It takes a lot of discipline to keep your life screwed up to the point of inspiration.

If you weren’t playing music you would be?

Financially stable.

Do you have any record releases to date? What? Where can I get it?

There’s an EP out called ‘Dan Waters Sang’. It’s a cross between Johnny Cash and Randy Newman in therapy. You can get it on Itunes.

Why should everyone come and see your band?

The music is pretty good, the B.B and are great. And I guarantee that you will feel better than the characters that are in the songs. They are a bunch of losers and screw ups.