Damien Vosk – Woo Woo: A Sketch Comedy

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Damien Vosk – Woo Woo: A Sketch Comedy

Woo Woo – a derogatory term used in relation to those with unconventional beliefs that are outlandishly mystical, supernatural or unscientific.

In July 2023 David Grush testified in US Congress confirming aliens are real… and no one is talking about it! No one except Damien Vosk through sketch comedy.

Brace yourselves for a cosmic adventure filled with laughter as Damien Vosk proudly presents a solo sketch comedy show, “Woo Woo.” This uproarious sketch comedy show promises to take audiences on a sidesplitting journey through the enigmatic world of UFO phenomena.

Get ready to embark on a comedic expedition where the extraterrestrial meets the extraordinary. From alien abductions to close encounters of the hilarious kind, “Woo Woo” blends wit, satire, and absurdity to shed light on the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings and conspiracy theories.

Audiences will be treated to a lineup of character sketches, each uniquely crafted to explore various facets of the UFO phenomenon. Whether it’s poking fun at government cover-ups, deciphering the quirks of alien culture, or imagining intergalactic encounters gone awry, this show guarantees non-stop laughs from start to finish.

Come on a comedic character ride where Damien explores some of the weirder and more wonderful ideas associated with Woo Woo, a show to no doubt include sketches about aliens, consciousness and our place in the universe – but in a fun way.