CSS, Thursday January 5, The Corner Hotel

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CSS, Thursday January 5, The Corner Hotel


Cansei de Ser Sexy might translate as ‘tired of being sexy’ but last week’s show at the Corner Hotel proved CSS are far from it.  Visiting our shores for the first time as a foursome since the departure of Adraiano Cintra in November, the curtains of the Corner open to reveal the Brazilian party crew in a pose and ready for action. Lead singer Lovefoxx sets the tone, asking the audience to ‘scream with me!!!’ before encouraging us to ‘Get dirty. Ass on the floor, get low, get low’. And who are we to argue?

Perhaps the result of New Year festival sideshow fatigue, the attendance was surprisingly modest. However, the crowd make up for their size with boundless enthusiasm. Girls were on shoulders for Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex and Move while a gentleman fan cried, “You go girl!” after Lovefoxx gyrated her way through Off The Hook.

Lovefoxx is flamboyant as ever, a large toy spider adorning her blonde wig until half way through the show when the arachnid is swapped for a glittery cat mask and cape. Her haphazard costume changes are in direct contrast to her flawless performances – the front woman launches herself into the crowd for Let’s Make Love And Listen to Death From Above and is back on stage dancing and singing without missing a beat.

Lovefoxx is supported by a trio of rock babes in fellow members Luizi Su, Ana Rezende and Carolina Parra who hold their own against the effervescent lead singer. Not that it ever felt like a competition, playful arse slapping is commonplace throughout the show and Lovefoxx carries Ana around the stage at one point; “She pays me $10 per show, and she gives me email access,” the frontwoman explains.

Material from latest album La Liberación showcase the group’s range, from the funky Hits Me Like a Rock to the punky Fuck Everything. This all from a woman wearing a Grinderman t shirt. Nick Cave is clearly not the only Australian Lovefoxx is admires; shouting, “Congratulations Melbourne, you are amazing!” as the crowd beg for more.

CSS return to the stage for encore Art Bitch, with Lovefoxx stripped down to a bra and denim shorts, the words ‘lucky motherfucker’ handwritten on her stomach. Tired of being sexy? I’m not buying it.


LOVED: Hearing Lovefoxx recount the band’s visit to the Celine Dion concert a few nights earlier after their tour manager mistakenly told them Mariah Carey was in town.

HATED: The couple next to me who took the sexy vibe too far and spent most of the show groping each other and pashing against a wall.

DRANK:  Beer. Until Lovefoxx began chanting ‘how many beers can you drink before your breath starts to stink?’ and I started to suspect that’s why I wasn’t pashing anyone in the corner.