CRFT* WRK Contemporary Craft Fair brings cutting-edge makers to Queen Vic Market

CRFT* WRK Contemporary Craft Fair brings cutting-edge makers to Queen Vic Market

Words by Staff Writer

CRFT* WRK is an upcoming celebration of the best contemporary locally-made crafts coming to Queen Victoria Market on May 21 and June 25.

Queen Vic Market will provide a superb venue for CRFT* WRK Contemporary Craft Fair, with the big sheds set to host a dazzling array of local crafts by independent makers, spanning the length and breath of creative art and design.

It’s the brainchild of one of Melbourne’s most renowned and longest-running artists’ market, the Rose Street Artists’ Market in Fitzroy. CRFT* WRK has been specifically curated to showcase the best makers in Melbourne with works that you won’t find anywhere else.

What you need to know

  • CRFT* WRK Contemporary Craft Fair is a celebratory market of local craft
  • It will be held on May 21, and then again on June 25
  • It will all take place at Shed K in the Queen Victoria Market

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The principle behind CRFT* WRK is to fluidly vary between and often combine cutting edge modernist design with historic traditional craftsmanship and hands-on techniques.

It taps in to a cultural trend that’s been growing for decades now, as consumers return to the assurance of quality and tactile pleasure that comes with hand-made, bespoke craft and artisanal products in general.

While much of this trade has moved online – particularly Instagram – the digital transaction utterly pales in comparison to holding a treasured item in your hand while speaking to the passionate arisan who created it.

CRFT* WRK will find a perfect home among the plethora of other organic and homemade goodies to be found at Queen Victoria Market, and will be highly-appreciated by the Melbourne maker community itself, who have been crying out for greater opportunities to showcase their wares, in person, to the broader public audience.

For more details, head to the CRFT* WRK website here. 

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