Create your own personal haven with Melbourne Beer Garden Company

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Create your own personal haven with Melbourne Beer Garden Company

How did the Melbourne Beer Garden Company come together?

Melbourne Beer Garden Company (MBGco) came about from years of helping people design and construct their dream gardens. After many years of working alongside each other in various projects, Joel, Kristy and myself formed the company early this year.

It seems like a niche area. Why beer gardens?

We decided on focusing on beer gardens as we are very passionate in creating spaces for people to come together, be it families or social settings. There is no better place to be in Melbourne on a sunny day than a beer garden. For families who have young kids, we give them an entertaining space for adults and kids that is both functional and attractive to the eye.

What is the most important aspect of a beer garden to get right?

From a design aspect, it is important for people to have spaces they can unwind in. We custom make furniture to suit; it might be a relaxed daybed right up to a bocce lawn at home! Everyone has their own way to escape their busy life and we cater specifically to the client’s needs. Usually this means every garden has its own unique look.

What’s next for Melbourne Beer Garden Company?

MBGco will be taking a well-earned short break over the Christmas period from manual work, taking that opportunity to do some research around Melbourne’s beer gardens. We will also be running an exciting competition on our social media sites over summer – for a chance to win, visit, ‘like’ and follow MBGco on Facebook and Instagram.

Start your own beer-garden-making adventure by contacting Melbourne Beer Garden Company via email at [email protected]. Find out more via their website.