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Cooly G aka Merissa Campbell


The Impossible Task: Breaking It Down For The Love Of Dub

Cooly G aka Merissa Campbell is set to blow up big in 2011. An insane tour schedule, label commitments and a fervent production output will never make her lose sight of what is most important though. “I’ve been travelling this weekend, and I’m back home today with my lovely son, so happy! I missed him a lot,” says Campbell. Not only is Campbell a talented DJ and producer, she is also a semi-pro footballer and a single mother. Now signed to the esteemed Hyperdub label headed by the godfather of dub Kode9, you would think juggling all of these different facets of her life had become all but an impossible task. Thankfully, Campbell is quick to assure us that this is not the case.

“I look after my son and I love it; I love being a strong single mum, and want other single parents to know they can do anything with their life and be happy. They don’t have to be all stressed because they have kids and no help,” she explains. “I’m just doing me and being a great mummy to my boy. He is my everything and I’ve noticed that some single mums think their lives are over because their stuck with a child or kids on their own, and feel like they can’t make it or be successful in whatever talents they have.”

“The only thing that’s hard is when I travel and I miss him lots. That’s real hard but I talk to him on Skype, I have hundreds of pics and I phone him to get through longer tours,” says Campbell.

It was only a matter of time before someone noticed Campbell’s fresh take on bass music; infused with house and UK funky elements. Through her MySpace, Hyperdub head honcho Kode9 contacted her after hearing her tune Love Dub, but Campbell originally had no idea who he was. Now she’s in love with the enriching atmosphere surrounding the label. “I’m in love with the family type thing, it’s wonderful and yes, it is very rare in this business,” she says.

It doesn’t end there though. Campbell G also owns her own label, Dub Organizer. She appears to be modelling it on the awesome Hyperdub vibe. “My label is going to build up a strong family -like vibe, like Hyperdub. I want everyone to be unique and fun,” she says.

Deciding what is released on Hyperdub or Dub Organizer doesn’t involve a conflict of interest though, and her prolific output means that she always has quality tunes to put out on both labels. “Well, I let Kode9 hear my stuff first, and then I give him first choice; that’s how it goes,” laughs Campbell. “Then I decide what I want to release on my label for myself.”

“I can make bangers anytime! So if I gave him 20 tunes that’s sorted, then I can focus on making new stuff for my own label or even collaborating with producers from my label,” she continues. “It’s all good.”

Single mum, label owner, producer, in-demand DJ; it’s safe to say that Campbell is one driven woman. She doesn’t like New Year’s resolutions though as she heads into a very promising 2011.

“Nah, I don’t stick to them. I just spent it with my son and my little bro who is a fashion designer and had lots of food and I just gave him advice on how he can push himself more and enjoy his work. If I did make one, I can’t remember,” she laughs. “It’s probably to go to bed early and stop going to bed at like 7am when everyone gets up for work.”

Cooly G [UK] plays HEAVY INNIT!! with Roska [UK] and DZ [USA] on Friday February 25 at Brown Alley.

By Reuben Adams