Content Producer At ABC Radio

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Content Producer At ABC Radio


The successful applicant will be working initially to produce content on the Evenings program but may be required to create content elsewhere. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge, qualifications and skills at a proficient or accomplished level in the following:

Selection Criteria

1. Proven ability to create local cross-media content, including presenting material to air, in a contemporary manner with an audience focus. 
2. Detailed understanding of the issues that affect the local audience.

3. Sound editorial skills including the ability to source and analyse information and exercise sound judgement. 
4. Can use all software and hardware relevant to this role as well as being aware of emerging technologies.

Work Style: 
5. Proven ability to work effectively as an integral and positive member of a small team. 
6. Demonstrated understanding of the spirit and intent of the ABC’s Editorial Policies and workplace values and other policies and guidelines relevant to your employment – including Equity and Diversity and OH&S.

– Audition material must be submitted with your application online (audio/mp3 files accepted up to 5MB).

– Copies of the ABC Editorial Policies are available at

– Applicants must address the selection criteria. For more information on working at the ABC and how to apply, visit