Comedy time-machine Replay Festival is bringing back the best of the fest for an absolute bargain

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Comedy time-machine Replay Festival is bringing back the best of the fest for an absolute bargain

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All July, Comedy Republic is giving you a chance to fix DOMO (devastation over missing out) by bringing back over 40 of the top comedy shows from this year’s festivals - and offering 90’s prices for the first 48 hours.

After overwhelming demand in the first two years, Replay Festival is expanding into three venues – Comedy Republic, The Arts Centre, and Improv Conspiracy (Theory Bar) to make sure you don’t get DOMOA (devastation over missing out again) on seeing this year’s award-winning comedians, sellout shows and the next big names in comedy.

Replay Festival is more than just a chance to see great comedy; it’s a celebration of Melbourne’s vibrant arts scene. The festival plays an ever increasing role in supporting the local arts community, creating opportunities for local comedy talent in an otherwise quiet season. Last year, the festival generated over $100k in revenue for the industry, and this year aims to make an even greater impact with its expansion into more venues, with more shows.

Third Annual Replay Festival

  • 90s ticket pricing starting at just $12.99 for the first 48 hours
  • see over 40 of the top comedy shows from this year’s festivals
  • Running all of July

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Triple J presenter and stand-up comedian Luka Muller says “Replay Festival is such a great thing for the comics because when you reach the end of festival season and perform your show for the final time, it doesn’t really feel like a celebration or a moment for reverence.

“It feels like you’re kinda limping over the finish line and you’re just glad it’s over, even if you had a good season and enjoyed the show. Replay Fest gives you a chance to take a step back, appreciate the work you’ve done, and really soak up the thing you made one more time. It would be great anywhere, but to get to do it at Republic – which is in my opinion the best place to do comedy in the whole country – really is such a treat.”

“Replay Festival is the opportunity for you to not regret skipping that show that everyone told you about but you never actually got your act together to get the ticket. The sell-out shows and the new talent that was discovered this year are all coming back for one or two shows only,” said Co-Founder, Kyran Nicholson. “And as strong supporters of the 30c cone once again being 30c, we thought we should go on sale by winding prices back to what they were like decades ago”

What’s more, Comedy Republic will host a full week of live tapings, to be released on Comedy Republic’s YouTube channel later this year, including Comedy Republic Live: a line-up of Melbourne’s best comedians plus fully produced specials for: Lloyd Langford, Claire Hooper, Dane Simpson, Luka Muller, Bronwyn Kuss, Urvi Majumdar, Ben Kochan and Oliver Coleman.

Stand-up comedian and host of The Great Australian Bake Off, Claire Hooper said  “After 20 years in the business, I’m finally filming my first special. Why now? It’s certainly not because of the show – which I’m terrified of having watched by all the people I badmouth in it. And it’s not to chase the idea of immortality, I already did that by having children, who are the main people I badmouth in the show. It’s because of Comedy Republic. It’s my favourite place in Australia to perform. This place has been amazing for our comedy community and I’m over the moon to have the opportunity to be one of the first artists on their new YouTube channel.”

Highlight Performances:

  • Jenny Tian
  • Nick White
  • Reuben Kaye
  • Zoe Coombs Marr
  • Geraldine Hickey
  • Lloyd Langford

See This Year’s Award Winners:

  • Noah Stzo: Best Newcomer, MICF 2024
  • Ben Russell: Director’s Choice, MICF 2024
  • Claire Hooper: Piece of Wood, MICF 2024
  • Dougie Baldwin: Golden Gibbo, MICF 2024
  • Bronwyn Kuss: Pinder Prize, MICF 2024

Special Events

Best in Show at Comedy Republic: A lineup of festival award-winning comedians performing stand-up.

Specials Filming Week: Hour-long stand-up specials will be filmed, along with 3 nights of live-taping our own Main Stage lineup featuring the best comedians from this year’s Comedy Festival.

Australian comedian, actor and Drag Race Down Under judge, Rhys Nicholson, added “As someone who’s been through the grind of coming up through the Melbourne comedy scene, I know how crucial it is to have platforms like this for up-and-coming artists. Giving local comedians another shot at the spotlight is a big help towards growing our local talent and helping our industry to compete on the international stage.”

Tickets will be on sale Thursday 23 May at