Come rolling into Revolver in June for gigs that make your ears say ‘wow’

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Come rolling into Revolver in June for gigs that make your ears say ‘wow’

Melbourne music
The one and only DREGG are rocking Revs this month.
Words by Ewen Stewart

We all know Revs as the hotspot for all-night clubbing but the bandroom is cooking with talent this month (and even at a slightly more respectable time).

Punk, hip hop, metal and even a skate screening are the highlights this month at Revolver Upstairs – make the pilgrimage up the stairs and you’ll feel instantly gratified.

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Jase Beathedz

●      Friday 7th June

A night of hard hitting, effortless lyricism paired with grinding beats – the flow is so strong you’ll have made your way to the open sea before you know it. You’ll forget you don’t have a hype man cause Jase Beathedz is your very own hype machine for the night – he’ll get you anywhere, anytime. Jase Beathedz will be launching his new album, Jase Connections Beathedz Vol 2, at Revs with a huge lineup of featuring artists including Cadet X, Cerberus III, DJ Relik, Eloquor, Nilvoid, One Sixth, Plire, Shao, Shem One and Strictly DT. This one will be raw, gritty and unrelenting.

Techno&Co: skate screening and music

●      Friday 14th June

A video showcase of Melbourne’s best in skateboarding including; Tommy Breaks, Hugo Harvey, Myles Attwood McNeil, Matt Farley, Hamed Anvari and Will Brongers. The 9th edition of the showcase, titled Spotto, features a soundtrack that matches the skate scene perfectly. Whether you skate or not – Spotto is the perfect way to roll into the weekend.


●      Saturday 15th June

Metal, punk outfit Dregg will have the cage in a spin come 15th of June. Their aggressive authority will make you clench and kick; serving us a dinner of bangers and mash, emphasis on MASH! Melbourne’s underground metal scene is flourishing and Dregg are right at the centre of it.

They’ve become a pure force that has a no-apologies-given attitude – prepare to be emptied from head-to-toe – Dregg will be awaiting your gratitude. Joining them on the night will be Adelaide hardcore outfit Outsider, death metal group Munt and heavy crew Grimefeld.

Minor Delusion

●      Friday 21st June

Minor Delusion are a new, moody blend of alternative, trip hop, and industrial sounds from Naarm who impressed us greatly supporting Mystic Tea Party at the Bergy Bandroom a few weeks back. They feature exceptionally impressive vocals in the sultry, smooth vein of Morcheeba…but when those big, droning guitars kick in you’ll lose your shit. They’ve played some very exciting shows at Last Chance and Shotkickers recently, but here’s your chance to see them at Revolver…c’mon.

Justice For The Damned

●      Saturday 22nd June

Heavy deathcore stalwarts Justice For The Damned are a powerhouse of the metal genre. Since the release of their debut album Dragged Through The Dirt, Justice For The Damned have hit the ground running. They’ve also been unrelenting with their tour schedule (and on the metal scene in general). With HUGE tracks like No Brother, No Friend and Pain Is Power, this quartet set stages alight and Revs on the 22nd of June will be no exception. Prepare to be absolutely destroyed when they enter the Revs cage and won’t leave without blood on their knuckles.

Emo AF

●      Friday 28th June

All the 00s emo kids out there, this one’s for us. Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Blink…etc, etc. Emo AF are a pop punk cover band that play all your emo favourites to the highest accord, hitting every whine and breakdown with ease. Pack your eyeliner and flush out those tear ducts, rip your jeans and dig out your favourite My Chem tee. A perfect night to hook up with your old school friends and reminisce about the good ol’ days.


●      Saturday 29th June

Scares aren’t exactly what you imagine when you think of heavy rock. Yes, they’re heavy, but they’re also funky, psychedelic and plain old weird (and we love that!). An almost theatrical element is evident within the vocal lines that soar over these whirling guitar riffs and punchy drums. It feels like Scares might just put a spell on you and it’s extremely wicked – watch out, Scares are coming for you. Scares at Revs 29th of June should be a wild ride of wonky turns and surprising dips, you’ll want to ride this rollercoaster twice.

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