Coloured Balls’ Trevor Young Passes Away

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Coloured Balls’ Trevor Young Passes Away


Young began playing in the mid-1960s with Blacksies Babies, often slipping behind the drum kit for three different bands in the same week. He went on to play with Chain and Blackfeather before teaming with Loyde in Coloured Balls in 1972. The Balls have been rediscovered by a new generation of for their firepower energy and uniquely-structured songs, in particular the 16-minute freeform G.O.D and the experimental Ball Power album.

Young occasionally sang with the Balls and his visceral drumming style was said to be perfect for the Balls. The band attracted a sharpie crowd, and brawls at their shows saw a disappointed Loyde end the band. Comments on social media suggested that Young was the last of the Balls members.

After Coloured Balls, Young went on to Full Boar, Buster Brown (fronted by Angry Anderson), Cold Chisel, Clawed Rains, Intruders, One Night Stand and Fingerprint, among others.

In more recent times he performed with The Forever Young Band, which had a flexible lineup of experienced musicians, and released some of his original songs including ‘Young Jane’ a tribute to his long time partner.