City Of Melbourne Unveils Music Strategy Draft

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City Of Melbourne Unveils Music Strategy Draft


Councilor Rohan Leppert, the City’s Chair of Arts and Culture commented, “Melbourne’s music industry is a vital part of the city’s culture. This three-year plan outlines how we will continue to work with other levels of government and the music industry, to support issues such as access to music, encouraging the creation of music, live music venues, business mentoring and promotion. All of which are fundamental to fostering artistic development, attracting new audiences and expanding live performance across Melbourne.”

The 18 recommendations are split up into six themes – Visibility; Promotion and Positioning; Spaces and Collaboration; Funding and Support; Policy reform and Advocacy; and Research and Information.

In a far-sighted look at how the city and the music community can work together, suggestions include ensuring music activities happen throughout the day and night, encourage family events, do an audit of current and new spaces where acts can play and rehearse, increase awareness among musicians of what funding is available, promote the city’s music history in various ways, investigate if a regular forum can be held to discuss live music issues, and monitor laws governing music venues.

One important idea is to encourage collaborations with overseas names to emphasise Melbourne as a music city where things happen, and to work with other music cities to brand Melbourne as a destination where opportunities and investments pay off.

Another is for the music industry to work with retail, hospitality and tourism to work on joint ventures.

The full details of The 2014-17 Melbourne Music Strategy is available at It is open for community feedback until Friday May 30.

Members of the Music Advisory Committee include:

    Chair – Councillor Rohan Leppert

    Councillor Cathy Oke

    Dr Andrea Baker – Monash University

    Adrian Basso – PBS Radio and Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

    Ali Bird – Film Victoria

    Patrick Donovan – Music Victoria

    Meera Fernandes – The Music Generation

    Mairead Hannan – Composer/Producer

    Ian James – Mushroom Music Publishing

    Daragh Kan – The Mercat Cross Hotel

    Peter Luscombe – Musician/Producer/Writer

    Dobe Newton OAM – Teacher/Consultant/Performer

    Jerry Poon – The Operatives HQ Pty Ltd

    Lucie Ribush – The Toff in Town/Cookie/Boney

    Jonathan Williamson – Arts Victoria