Christophe Davidson – The Time Of Your Life

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Christophe Davidson – The Time Of Your Life


The crowd are lead into a small room within the Tuxedo Cat, which has two female bathrooms right next to each and then a men’s, in case you end up busting to go to the toilet, skip past the first female toilets and then assume the next one is the men’s by process of elimination, and end up walking in on a girl curling her hair. What? It happens to the best of us. With a crowd of roughly around twenty people strong, Davidson gets his show to started without really starting it at all. The quirky Canadian waltzed his way through the makeshift seating without making a word, and plucked an unassuming girl from the audience to read his opening monologue, which had the crowd smirking at his cleverly written notes. Ten minutes without a word, and Christophe managed to have us beaming at his presence, but lingering for him to speak.

His main show was one that heavily involved the audience in parts, creating a sense of togetherness with the humble crowd as he took them out of their seats to act out some of his requests. Having said this, you needn’t feel afraid of the concept of audience participation, it’s not like a Jason Byrne show, where if picked, you’d consider jumping from the nearest window.

When he eventually spoke, Davidson’s main material swerves between life tales, such as the time his girlfriend took him on a birthday trek for a lap dance, landing himself in two awkward situations. One involving an empty strip club, leaving the two of them as the centre of stripper attention. The other involving a full strip club, in a neighbourhood uninviting to Davidson and his partner. The other portion and general theme of his act is pigeons. Yes pigeons, but why? Well it’s very simple, Davidson had a personal epiphany involving pigeons flying onto his outstretched, messiah-like arms when he was a child, you know, that old chestnut. He weaved the matter of pigeons into his show through a segment aptly called ‘Pigeon Facts’ where he aimed to clear up some of the misunderstandings between ‘the feathered rat’ and us. Introduced with a news bulletin like theme, a funny jig, and knocked out of the park with a series of low-budget, high-value PowerPoint presentations. Resembling some sort of Flashdance Jesus with his long hair, beard, and retro headband, Christophe also likes a bit of a dance, by himself, with the audience, and also with his sound guy as he caps of his show with an infamous dance move from a certain movie.

Davidson provides a rich evening of entertainment through his unique, all-around nice guy bravado. The young Canadian has enough about him to put himself ahead, and certainly has the material to gain a wider following on his endeavors down under.