Chelsea Bleach : Decent Connections

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Chelsea Bleach : Decent Connections


Chelsea Bleach has been working hard, with the entire EP recorded, mixed and mastered by their drummer. The DIY production adds to the finished product, giving it this raw, sweat-soaked, garagey vibe you can almost taste.

Opening track Daydreams could almost be described as coastal punk, starting with cruisy guitar backing before breaking into the head-banging chorus. It’s about those friendships you fantasise about becoming more, only to realise it was probably nothing.

The duelling guitar intro of Eat Your Heart Out would sound epic live. It feels like the confession of someone wanting to leave an insufferable relationship, however without any luck.

Public Safety leads in with rockier guitar and percussion. The backing vocals comes across as a war-cry of sorts; with what’s clearly a cautionary ballad for the wankers out there who still can’t keep their hands to themselves. It’s short and sweet but definitely effective.  

The final song, Shedding Skin is heavier than the rest, in sound and subject. With lyrics like “I’m done making myself feel bad” and “I’ll kiss who I kiss” it’s a really empowering track about shrugging the constant need to fit in and accept who you are.

By Chris Bright