Cath Styles is an ‘Accidental Cougar’

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Cath Styles is an ‘Accidental Cougar’


Tell us about your show… It’s about finding yourself in the very situation you’ve been taking the piss out of your entire comedy career, and working out what to do with it. It’s a love story. It’s a postcard from my life. It’s a TED talk. It’s personal, it’s relatable, and it’s hilarious.

What does the show teach the audience? Never say never. You don’t know what’s around the corner, so make your life memorable. And most of all, never, ever, grow up. It’s SO overrated.

What inspires you most about MICF? Knowing that you’re starting with something raw and having faith that it will evolve into something completely different by the end of your run. Also, I love seeing what everyone has created. A show is like a baby, but no one calls Child Protection if you throw it out when you’re sick of it.

Can you describe the journey of creating a show? Sure. Come up with a catchy name for a show,  write a few lines that are loosely related to the name, then spend the weeks leading up to the festival trying to write something that seems like it might fit that concept while you question your life choices that led you to this situation.

How have the events in your life turned into material? I think most comics use comedy as a way of processing stuff they’ve been through. Sometimes you’ll just notice the funny bits in the most terrible situations and reflect on it and want to make something entertaining out if it. When life hands you lemons, comedy is a great way of making Limoncello.