Catch Cat Empire’s former bassist and experimental drum compositions tonight

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Catch Cat Empire’s former bassist and experimental drum compositions tonight

Magnet Studios

Maria Moles and Ryan Monro are appearing at Magnet Studios tonight.

A showcase that features monthly performances from some of Melbourne / Naarm’s most exciting artist, S P A T I A L I V E is tonight showcasing solo performances from Ryan Munro and Maria Moles. Curated especially for Magnet Studio’s iconic Spatial Studio, the series aims to create a unique listening environment with an emphasis on song and improvisational based music, by embracing the intimacy of the space.

What you need to know

  • S P A T I A L I V E are putting on their monthly showcase at Magnet Studios tonight
  • Tonight it features solo performances from Ryan Munro and Maria Moles
  • It goes down tonight from 7:30pm at Magnet Studios in Coburg North

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Ryan Monro played bass with The Cat Empire for 20 years, and now faces his next challenge: playing bass by himself. He began cracking the code on his debut album Isolated Bass, a dashboard sun-warped tape of fuzz drones, analog drums and slo-mo zinc-smeared surf guitars, pieced together from 12 years of voice memo ideas with a backpack-size skeleton crew of studio gear amid the new year post-lockdown euphoria in a cabin in the woods. He likes long walks on the beach and is playing fewer notes than ever.


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Maria Moles is an Australian drummer, composer and producer based in Narrm/Melbourne. Her solo percussion performances draw on ideas from the Kulintang music of the Philippines and contemporary electronic production to weave hypnotic webs from layers of unmetered pulse that slowly undergo subtle textural transformations. In collaborative contexts ranging from free improvisation, jazz and contemporary composition to experimental pop, Maria contributes an acute sense of touch, placement and timbre, and a powerful rhythmic drive.
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