Carl Cox, Chris Liebing lead Eat The Beat Festival’s lineup this November

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Carl Cox, Chris Liebing lead Eat The Beat Festival’s lineup this November

Eat The Beat Festival
Words by Staff Writer

Melbourne clubbing legends Eat The Beat are stepping things up a notch with their own festival this November.

Best known for their infamous New Geurnica Saturday night parties as well as wild events including the Rave in the Cells at Old Melbourne Gaol, the party on Top of Eureka Tower, and the after party on Melbourne’s hot air balloon, Eat The Beat don’t mess around. Their debut festival is expected to be anything but ordinary.

Eat The Beat Festival

  • Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Lilly Palmer and Mha Iri
  • 30th November 2024
  • Port Melbourne Industrial Centre for the Arts (PICA), Wurundjeri Land

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Carl Cox

Carl Cox, a king of techno, will deliver a transcendent performance. With a career spanning over four decades, Cox is an icon in the electronic music scene, known for his energy, masterful DJ sets, and infectious stage presence. His blend of techno, house, and funk-infused beats promises an unforgettable sonic journey.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing is a global techno ambassador whose craft continually evolves. Renowned for his groundbreaking productions and captivating DJ sets, Liebing’s soundscapes and energy are hallmarks of his performances. His commitment to pushing boundaries ensures an electrifying set that will captivate the audience.

Lilly Palmer

Lilly Palmer’s musical journey began in Zurich’s thriving underground scene and has since taken her to new dimensions. Now based in the Netherlands, Palmer’s Peaktime Techno has become her signature sound. Her DJ sets and productions aim to create a bond with the audience, guiding them on a musical journey.

Mha Iri

Based in Edinburgh but having established herself in Melbourne, Mha Iri is a prominent figure in the city’s underground techno circuit. With extensive experience and a growing fanbase, she is now a regular on renowned techno labels and main stages at major festivals worldwide.

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