Calpurnia are heading straight from high school to the top of the charts

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Calpurnia are heading straight from high school to the top of the charts


Let’s get it out of the way now: yes, Calpurnia is fronted by Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike in Stranger Things. Child stars blah blah talent coming out of his ears blah blah blah… Let’s move on.

Calpurnia, made up of Finn Wolfhard, Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig, is a four-piece teenage prodigy band hailing from Vancouver. Their debut single, ‘City Boy’, was released last month to huge critical acclaim; the boppy grunge track was srteamed over 2 million times, and hit #1 on both the Global Viral Spotify and Australian Viral Top 50 charts.

After a 10-day recording binge in Chicago last November, Calpurnia’s debut EP, Scout, will hold 6 songs and boasts the executive producing prowess of Twin Peaks’ frontman, Cadien Lake James. Though only 25 minutes long, Scout is a testament to the foursome’s ability to congeal all of their influences and skills into one “giddy rock riot that sits comfortably at the intersection of classic rock, punk, and angsty blues.”

Their second single from the EP, ‘Louie’, possesses the same nonchalant, slider-infused vibe that works wonders with Wolfhard’s raw, Dylan-esque vocals. Tesler-Mabe notes that “it was definitely the intention to record a song that sounded as live as possible,” and this shines through via the gritty reality of the guitar licks and choir-boy backing vocals.

If ‘City Boy’ and ‘Louie’ are anything to go by, Calpurnia’s debut EP Scout is set to arrive to an impatiently waiting crowd of new yet dedicated fans.