Call The Cops @ The Corner

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Call The Cops @ The Corner


It’s a packed out crowd at The Corner Hotel for Call The Cops, the collective party thrown by Yacht Club DJs, DZ Deathrays and Bleeding Knees Club. The event is sold out, the beer is flowing and the partygoers are in high spirits as Drunk Mums kick off the festivities with their ramshackle psychedelic surf rock. In true 24 Hour Party People fashion, it’s only right that these guys have their very own ‘Bez’ in Isaac Forsyth who flails topless around the stage like a man possessed, bashing out the jangly beats on his tambourine. 

It’s a miracle that DZ Deathrays are even able to play tonight, as they missed their original flight from Brisbane. The crowd are obviously excited to see them, chanting “DZ! DZ! DZ!” before the band have even taken to the stage. And when the duo does take the stage, boy does it go off. Although there are only two people in the band they make a hell of a lot of noise. The vocals are a little quiet but that’s made up for by the huge sound of the drums and guitar. As they are lacking a bass-player they make up for it by drenching the guitar in effects, and the resulting sound is monstrous. They play a slab of their recent Bloodstreams album, including the single Dollar Chills but it’s the mammoth grooves of crowd favourites such as Blue Blood and Licking Knives that whip the crowd into a frenzy. 

Up next are Bleeding Knees Club who fall a little flat compared to the DZ boys who preceded them. To be fair, it is a hard job following such a performance. BKC’s melodic, energetic if slightly generic brand of pop punk just seems a bit tame compared to the racket created by DZ, and it seems to take a few songs for the pit to get going again. Once the three did find their groove they were pretty enjoyable and a welcome addition to the party. And fair play, they even carried on while the venue filled with smoke after one reveller set off a flare during their set! Gnarly. 

If there are two guys who know how to party it’s the Yacht Club DJs. They take the essence of party from every style of music known to man from it create some of the most mind-boggling ‘so wrong it’s right’ mash up mixes. There’s something for everyone in their set; old school hip hop, classic rock, metal, dubstep, techno, movie themes and plenty of pop. Marilyn Manson mixed with Whitney Houston, Gotye mixed with Journey, Chili Peppers with Silverchair. It’s incredible to watch and it keeps the entire crowd dancing from start to finish. It’s just so much fun. One of the highlights of the set is The Living End’s Aussie punk classic Prisoner of Society which is apt, seeing as the Melbourne veterans have just booked a string of 9 shows in a row in this very venue. One thing is for sure, after every Call The Cops show there are going to be a fair few people across Australia waking up with sore heads and ringing ears. 


LOVED: The party atmosphere.
HATED: The extreme air-con.
DRANK: Carlton Draught.