Cakes Da Killa is coming to Melbourne for his ‘MUVALAND’ tour

Cakes Da Killa is coming to Melbourne for his ‘MUVALAND’ tour

Cakes Da Killa
words by sidonie bird de la coeur

Rap and hip hop artist Cakes Da Killa has today announced dates for his MUVALAND tour, which sees the acclaimed rapper making his way to Melbourne in June.

Cakes Da Killa is known for his vibrant fusions of hip hop, house and electronic dance music accompanied by playful lyricism – an explosive combination that has contributed to the evolution of modern dance music.

A pioneer of LGBTQ+ acceptance in the rap community, Cakes Da Killa came into prominence during the ‘queer explosion’ of hip hop music that emerged in New York City in the early 2010s. With witty and unapologetic lyrics paired with uncompromising delivery, his work has helped to push the voices of openly gay people to the forefront of the genre.

What you need to know

  • Cakes Da Killa has today announced his MUVALAND tour of Australia
  • The hip hop and rap artist is a pioneer of promoting LGBTQ+ visibility through his music
  • He will be appearing at the Melbourne Pavilion on Saturday June 25

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Weaving together gritty 90s beats with high energy club groove coupled with raw and honest lyrics, Cakes Da Killa remains as an unforgettable provocateur. Constantly shifting, he has been able to carve his own unique place for himself in the saturated world of hip hop by continuing to defy expectations.


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Playing tracks from his sophomore album, as well as featuring a whole new live show, this is Cakes Da Killa’s first time back in Australia since he was last with us in 2018. Since then, the illustrious rapper has released his own short film, Visibility Sucks, released his album Killa Essentials and starred in Netflix original Rhythm & Flow alongside Chance the Rapper, Cardi B and T.I.

The New York based artist is “super excited to be back in Australia promoting my sophomore album Killa Essentials! I’ve always received so much love there and this was the first destination that started my life as a touring artist so I can’t wait to be back to turn up with everyone.”

Grab your tickets to Cakes Da Killa’s upcoming show here.