Buskers are what gives Melbourne its vibrancy

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Buskers are what gives Melbourne its vibrancy


Every Melbournian has a music venue they know and love, but Melbourne’s streets and alleys are performance venues in themselves. Every day, buskers from all genres of music set up their instruments, open their cases or put down their hats, and play for the huge number of people that walk the streets of Melbourne at any given time.

In partnership with the City of Melbourne, Beat is exploring the unsung singing heroes that make Melbourne vibrant. We’ll be looking at the diverse hard-working street musicians that spend their time performing in the hopes of building a career or just having some fun. We’ll uncover recent success stories of buskers, like Tash Sultana, who have caught their big break from performing in the streets. We’ll also be following buskers whose stories have only just begun and what they hope to get out of performing in public.

For the first episode, Regan Lethbridge from Bonjah, and Jack and Pat from the Pierce Brothers share their experiences as former buskers. 

Check out the first episode here: