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Burn-Aid 2022 is a music fundraiser operating over two days in the Belgrave Hills to raise money for a recent house fire incident involving good friends Anthony Beltrame, Dusan Jasevski and Dave Andressen.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during this terrible incident, and everyone escaped with minor injuries while a fire tore apart their home right in front of them. These beautiful people have lost their home, along with all of their possessions and music gear. We are asking you to support them with a donation so that they can start to get their lives back on track. Come down to the Railyard on May 14th or Sookie Lounge on May 22nd to see a bunch of fantastically talented musicians who have come out to show their support for their friends.


~ Shea Louise
~ Amaya Macdonald
~ Gerard. J. Holmes
~ Fletcher Gull (Solo)
~ Jimmy Harwood
~ PCGs
~ Drowning Houdini
~ Coco Jumbo
~ The Coffins