Bombs Away & DJ Kronic

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Bombs Away & DJ Kronic


When Bombs Away took on America last year, they returned to Australia feeling putrid. The American “diet” had taken its toll on their insides and they were glad to be back in our sunburnt country to enjoy a somewhat healthier lifestyle. But the lads have got a new strategy to cope with the food for their big relocation over to the States this year. “Make more money,” Hart says. “We had no money last time. This time we saved a bit more so we don’t have to eat three dollar happy meals or greasy apples.”

Heading over to the U.S with a number one Australian dance single in the ARIA charts for Supersoaker, and number one artist in Australia/number 32 worldwide on The DJ List under their belts and having spent over 52 weeks consecutively in the charts, America is the next stop on their train to success and superstardom. “We’re actually going to go over there and see if we can have the same success in the States as we have over here in Australia,” Sketch says. Having remixed the likes of Katy Perry, Gotye, Gym Class Heroes and more, the boys are hoping to raise the bar this year and hell, maybe even get Russell Brand in one of their clips. “I hope so, we really hope so,” Sketch says. “When we’re in the States, we’re hookin’ up some features with our next song so we’re going to do lots of cameos with some pretty big name people over there. That’s about all I can say because if it doesn’t happen properly then I’ll look like a dickhead.

“We’ve just got a new remix for Alex Gaudino over in the States,” Hart adds. “We’re really looking to do a lot of American A-list work this year – our remix for Seany B’s  Everybody Get Up is number one in the charts at the moment and they were amazing to work with but I think we’re going to be doing a lot more American work this year. That’s where we’re getting a lot of interest from and we can’t afford to let that cool down.”

But at the rate the lads are operating, there are no signs of cooling down. In fact, even in their film clip for Supersoaker, things heat up and get a bit sexy by the poolside with copious amounts of scantily clad women dancing amongst bubbles and flirting with the camera and the super soaker water pistols. “We really wanted an excuse to get girls to wear not much clothes in the film clip; everything else was a bonus,” Hart says of the clip filmed at the main penthouse on the Gold Coast.

“People think it looked really fun. It was a super stressful day. I think we were there for probably 20 hours. I think we [Bombs Away and DJ Kronic] went through 28 bottles of vodka during the shoot so by the end of it, it ended up being a party, but there was probably six solid weeks of planning leading up to it and then one hectic day getting it done.”

Aside from mingling with sexy women and jet-setting off to the States, the lads have recently mixed a disc for Wild Nights 2012 alongside DJ Kronic and all three gents say the mix was taken from some of the wild nights they’ve had. “Especially the intro,” Hart says in agreement. “We pushed for a little bit more leeway this year and we ran a bit with Kronic’s influence and we mixed it really, really quickly – mixtape style. It’s a lot more like our party stuff that we play. That’s what we do with our shows; we wanted to reflect that in the CD.”

DJ Kronic (or as he’s known to some, Luke Calleja) says it was “awesome” working with Bombs Away on the mix and is happy to have his debut original single Looking For Some Girls Ft. Bombs Away included on the mix. “I’ve been doing bootleg mixtapes for since as long as I can remember and being able to do something official with a proper release date in mind and everything was just amazing,” he says. “They’re pretty crazy to work with but creatively, we just matched.” And not only that – the lads are in fact looking for some girls. “Yes, very much so,” Sketch says enthusiastically, answering on behalf of Calleja and Hart.

Looking For Some Girls Ft. Bombs Away marks the beginning of Calleja’s production career, a move he’s very much happy with. “It still feels the same,” he says of the transition from DJing and remixing to producing. “I produce kind of the same way that I remix and make mixes – it’s all inspired from clubbing and partying and looking for some girls.” Aside from heading over to the States with the boys to “fuck shit up”, Calleja has been smashing out sets at his residencies at SinCity and Vanity on the Gold Coast for the last year and a bit and has recently done a track called Watup Bitch with Sydney’s DJ Flygirl Tee. He’ll be continuing to play “weird shit” as indicated on his Facebook – which includes, and is not limited to, the Macarena. “I don’t do the moves because I don’t know it – well I don’t think it’s right – and I only play it for like 30 seconds,” he says of the Spanish classic.

Bombs Away play Creamfields 2012 shortly and are looking forward to smashing some vodka with David Guetta on the tour. “We’ll get him drunk and we’ll show him what happens when love takes over,” Hart says, half-jokingly. “We’re going to leave David Guetta with lots of good memories from the trip and then he’ll be like, ‘Bam, there’s no getting over you guys’ and then we’ll be like…‘You’re a sexy bitch’.” Sketch is also hoping that his new snakeskin jacket will bring the ladies to the party on the tour. “I had it custom made and it’s improved my pick up rate at least 200 per cent. It’s so shiny I just point girls at it and they get distracted and then I can get them back to the hotel room,” he says.

Sketch is also proud to announce that he and Hart have recently launched Bomb Squad Records, their own label. “Something that’s a priority for us this year is we’ve just signed and launched Bomb Squad Records and that’s basically a collection of artists – Australian and international – that we feel suit us so much that we want them on our record label rather than spread out across the country,” Hart says. “We’re really going to be promoting that this yearwe’ve got six big releases booked up for this year already.”

Already on the label are the lads themselves, DJ Kronic, Melbourne’s Dixie, DJ Sarah Robertson and a few more which the boys are reluctant to list. “I guess it was more about having all the artists in one place and having an excuse to party together rather than having them all being pulled in different directions by labels with their own interests,” Hart says of the label’s creation. “This way they’re under our umbrella but it’s more that they work with us than for us. It’s just an avenue to really get that sound out this year.”