Blindside teases highlights from its 2023 program

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Blindside teases highlights from its 2023 program

Aarti Judu, Embodiments, 2022. Artwork/Render by Alina Olivares-Panucci. Courtesy the artist.

Blindside has announced its artist and curator partnerships upcoming in their 2023 program, along with a selection of exhibitions you can peruse online.

Blindside’s 2023 program artists and curators

Andrea Ambossni, Ravi Avasti, Skye Baker, Roseanne Bartley, Olga Bennett, Annabel Brown, Christina May Carey, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan, Catherine Clover, Viv Corringham, Hedwig Crombie, Mitchel Cumming, Miriam David, Fei Gao, Iris Garrelfs, Jody Haines, Johanna Hällsten, Alex Hobba, Shauna Laurel Jones, Cormac Kirby, Kaijern Koo, Xingyu Echo Li, Amalia Lindo, Jah Maskell, Michael McCafferty, Marcus Ian Mckenzie, Elena Misso, Chantelle Mitchell, Mori, Anna Louise Mould, Daniel O’Toole, Gail Priest, Shannon May Powell, Caoife Power, Aaron Christopher Rees, Carmen Reid, SRMG (Michael Graeve and Steven Rendall), Mara Schwerdtfeger, Vittoria di Stefano, Oscar Key Sung, Livio Tobler, Jaxon Waterhouse, Alex Walker,  Yang Yeung…

Blindside’s Summer Studio Residency Program

Summer Studio: THING / LANGUAGE
Mitchel Cumming

Curators Elena Tory-Henderson & Siena White
Opening Thursday 12 January 6-8pm

The annual exchange between Lilac City Studio (Sydney/Gadigal) and Blindside ARI (Melbourne/Naarm) hopes to foster a cross pollination between the two cities & their respective ARI communities. For the program’s second year, Sydney artist & ARI director (KNULP, Sydney/Gadigal) Mitchel Cumming will be hosted in residence at Blindside.

Mitchel Cumming is an artist and poet living and working on unceded Gadigal and Bidjigal land. His work frequently involves the establishment and/or manipulation of exhibition contexts: a process in which elements generally considered supplementary to artistic production become instead a primary material.

The residency will culminate with an exhibition THING / LANGUAGE opening 12 January 2023.


On the premise of self-organised practice, Blindside facilitated digital exchanges between three Naarm-based spaces and three parallel spaces in Aotearoa New Zealand. Through a series of online planning sessions, the gallery facilitated discussions between the organisations in order to devise a final public program.

Blindside Co-Ordinate Symposium

This program is the first in the series of Co-Ordinate, with this iteration engaging Naarm-based Blindside, Melbourne Art Library and George Paton Gallery and Aotearoa-based RM GalleryThe Physics Room and Ramp Gallery.

Through a reciprocal engagement with Blindside’s neighbours in Aotearoa, the gallery hopes to understand the potential for self-directed conversation and consider what it might mean to be an artist-run space today, and to challenge its origins and limitations. They say this approach will foster risk-taking, experimentation and innovation in creation, distribution, connection, and profile-building.

View online now here.

Blindside Mobile

Blindside Mobile is a curated online platform for projects in the digital space by Victorian-based creatives.

Topographies of Resistance

Nancy Mauro Flude, Aarti Judu, Vishal Kumaraswamy

Topographies of resistance locates the poetic in practices that trace geographies of resistance through sense led questions resting between familiar and unfamiliar spaces. It maps linear tangents back to its circular genealogies and regulates a visceral response to lived experiences of inherited and learnt socio-cultural frameworks and algorithms. The textures of the three works offer insightful internal rhythms that broadly connect to the language of the others.

Curator Priya Namana
View Online
Until 30 Jan 2023

Through the holiday period, you can also view featured projects and conversations at Blindside online.