Blake Everett is the ‘Unknown Comedian’

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Blake Everett is the ‘Unknown Comedian’


Tell us about your show… It is a collection of ‘bits’ (an industry term that refers to a joke, a story, a song, or… a ‘bit’) exhibited in the form of stand-up, sketch and musical comedy – or as I like to call it, ‘The Poor Man’s Triple Threat.’

What does your show teach the audience? Basic algebra, the history behind the Battle of Dunkirk and how to file a tax declaration. Or if you’d like a less comedic answer, I suppose the shows deals with the idea of recognition and it ultimately teaches the audience who I am.

Can you describe the journey of creating a show? It involved trying new stuff in Melbourne, showcasing my ‘Greatest Hits/Bits’ interstate, registering for the festival, procrastinating for a few months and then stressing non-stop during the two weeks before your show (or lack of show) starts.

How have the events in your life turned into material? I am an unknown comedian. That’s my life. But now, it’s also my show. My uncle saw it on the comedy festival website and thought it was the festival’s description of my comedic-status. But, no, all the credit is mine.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? I’m trying to promote my show and you want me to throw admiration towards others? Fair enough. Real keen for Sam Simmons, Spencer Jones, Double Denim, Gillian Cosgriff, The Bear Pack (multiple times) and Seaton Smith.