Black Dahlia

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Black Dahlia

Retreat Hotel

7:30 – Doors
8.00 – 8.30pm – Full Fleshed
9.00 – 9.30pm – Popular Music
10.00 – 10.40pm – Black Dahlia

Early bird $10 + fees, GA $15 + fees, door $20 (includes fees)

Black Dahlia is an experimental UK-born and Australian based musician and artist who creates a captivating quirkiness that casts a colourful shadow in the experimental music scene.

With performances often compared to artists such as Klaus Nomi and Peter Gabriel, Black Dahlia’s music explores styles such as Art-Pop, New Wave, and the avant-garde. It forges its own unique sound but at the same time takes cues from 80’s absurdities and weirdness such as works by David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Tears for Fears.

Along with multiple international releases, Black Dahlia has performed live across the EU and Australia alongside artists such as John Maus, Kris Baha, MVTANT, Zanias, Buzz Kull, Lucy Cliche, Cong Josie, Enola, and Rebel Yell.

Her most recent single ‘Bodyguard’ was presented with an ABC Rage’s ‘Wild One’ award and received a premiere via As well as being the Director for the music video, Black Dahlia was also Producer, Art Director, Choreographer, and Concept creator for the project. Donning various characters, Black Dahlia embodies performance art and its mediums such as contortion, mime, surrealism, Dada, the avant-garde, and body horror.

Popular Music (the group) is based in Melbourne/Naarm, by way of Hollywood, California. Full-time participants include Prudence Rees-Lee and Zac Pennington; the latter used to have a group called Parenthetical Girls, like, eons ago. In addition to Minor Works, Popular Music Plays In Darkness Popular Music is responsible for a record called Popular Music Plays In Darkness, which features interpretations of iconic pop songs from the cinema.

Full Fleshed is the Melbourne/Naarm based dark wave duo behind the seething single “Haus of Flesh”. The band orchestrates a confluence of dark synthpop, and the moody aesthetics of 80s goth.