Black And White Vs Freestate

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Black And White Vs Freestate


Drew (Freestate) questions Ant (Black And White)…

The release of The New Republic has been well received and you’ve been gigging your butts off Nationally, do you have any plans in taking the B&W show to the rest world?

Great first up question drew. We have high hopes for B&W, which ultimately include travelling and touring internationally, but at the moment that’s all they are. For now its all about increasing our exposure around Australia. We were kind of hoping you can help us out with this one? Tour US in March I hear you say?

What are/do you have any pre show rituals?

Stressing out hard before every show about how we’re going to lift the ridiculously large/heavy in-ear monitoring rig we use into each venue and onto the stage. And saying “fuck this rig” a lot.

What’s the best piece advice you’ve ever received?

Live the dream, and always wait at least 20 minutes after eating before going in the water.

When you’re not doing anything that involves music, how do you prefer to spend your time?

“Like” peoples posts on Facebook.

If you had to choose, would you rather be in the music biz 30 years ago, or 30 years from now?

Good one. 30 years ago? there seemed to be a lot more support for bands in – live gigs in every pub, support from labels and industry people. Rock ‘n’ roll was the shit. Well that was my memory when I was 1, anyhow.

Ant (Black And White) questions Drew (Freestate)…

How did you find touring overseas in respect to touring at home?

In a lot of ways it was pretty much starting all over again, but with almost ten years of experience behind us. So the fact that we were unknown didn’t matter to us, we had a clean slate and our aim was to smash ’em and leave them thirsty for more! Our whole experience was really positive – they were very receptive and hospitable. The main difference between home and overseas is that there are a shitload more people and venues.

What’s been Freestate’s favourite show to date?

I keep going back to an impromptu gig we did off a mates balcony in the Gold Coast, we just started playing and people started coming, and so did the cops! The adrenaline rush was awesome! You can check it out on YouTube.

Who would be the ultimate band/s you’d like to tour with?

There are soooo many! Sevendust, Muse, Queen, Evanescence, Stone Sour, Deftones and Snoop Dogg!

How do you like to spend time when you’re not involved in music?

Usually catching up with friends and family we don’t usually get to see, due to the whole musician lifestyle

If you could invite four people to your poker table who would they be?

Vin and I are big fans of poker. Probably the CEOs of the four major banks so we could rape them of their money, greedy fucks!