Birds of Tokyo + Melbourne Symphony Orchestra present Birdsongs

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Birds of Tokyo + Melbourne Symphony Orchestra present Birdsongs

One of Australia’s most beloved bands is teaming up with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for an electrifying concert experience called Birdsongs.

Enjoy the soaring melodies and raw energy of classic anthems like Plans, Lanterns, Good Lord and Anchor, alongside some new works, all reimagined with stunning orchestral arrangements.

Birds of Tokyo have cemented their place as Australia’s most successful contemporary rock band. They have captured the hearts of music fans with three chart-topping albums and multiple appearances on iconic events like the AFL Grand Final while also winning APRA’s ‘Rock Work of the Year’ an extraordinary seven times. But it’s their concerts that truly set them apart – from explosive energy to spine-tingling moments of intimacy, Birds of Tokyo are captivating live performers whose sweeping and dynamic songs are ideally suited to orchestral interpretations.

Don’t miss your chance to witness this incredible collaboration.