Billie EIlish’s ethereal voice lit up the streets of Brunswick

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Billie EIlish’s ethereal voice lit up the streets of Brunswick


Opener, Sydney’s OKENYO brought with her a band of singers and raised the sentiment of equality in the room. She launched into James Brown’s ‘It’s a Man’s World, leading into her very own ‘Women’s World,’ complete with matching choreography. There was as an empowering attitude in the room regardless of anyone’s age, gender, sexual orientation or home.

A roaring crowd welcomed Billie Eilish’s band onstage, as an absent Eilish’s harmonising voice filled the room. Finally, Eilish emerged, beginning with hit, ‘bellyache’. The high energy number set the vibe of the night. ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ started off with a slower tempo to the last. This gave the crowd a moment to appreciate the opportunity to see the rising star in such an intimate setting.

The intense beats of ‘watch’ were so full that the vibrations could be felt through the audience’s bodies. It was incredible to see, three songs in, the whole room was well acquainted with every lyric so confidently. A confidence reflected in Eilish herself. At just 16 years old, she is truly skilful in everything she does. Her roots of choir singing and dancing shone through her live performance.

Midway through her set, Eilish left the stage, allowing her brother-co-writer to take the spotlight and share a song from his personal project. Talent is clearly in the family, as Finneas sang alongside Billie flawlessly throughout her whole set. Finneas’ solo moment was a surprising change of pace, wandering into a heavier, rock sound. Admittedly, the live electric guitar in the chorus was slightly obnoxious and took away from a good song. A stripped back version would have easily gained a lot of momentum, in line with Eilish’s music.

Eilish followed up with a ukulele cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. The dreamy rendition suddenly stopped as a faux ringing phone filled the speakers. The loyal fans erupted as the familiar sound signalled the beginning of ‘party favor.’ Finneas accompanied the song with a calming acoustic guitar. The addition of the xylophone helped create a lullaby effect. The atmosphere was contagious.

Finally, the American singer had reached her final song, “my boy”, a clear crowd favourite. The song takes a jazzier turn compared to her other work. In true Billie Eilish dramatic flare, she left the crowd with the last line, “if you want a good girl, then goodbye” and walked straight off stage.

Left dangling from their cliff-hanger, the room was begging Eilish back onstage. Caving to the loud encore, Eilish emerged. Finishing off with a bang, she performed ‘copycat’. The heavy beats filled the room. Finneas came forward to share the mic with his sister. Their ethereal vocals mixing perfectly, mirroring their co-writing process. The sibling duo left the stage with their drummer in tow, leaving the room curious to see when Eilish will be on Australian soil again and what new music might be in the pipeline.

Highlight: Eilish showing off her other talent, dancing through her set.

Lowlight: Being intimidated by the incredible talent of a teenager years younger than me.

Crowd Favourite: Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ turned ‘party favor’.