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An army of sound marching relentlessly, surging like a merciless avalanche of mayhem and distortion. BIFTER, arise with a sonic boom of fuzz laden riffs and a thunderous wall of drums and lightning. Returning to Melbourne to headline a heaving night of riffs at The Beast on Friday June 28.

Scowls from the depths of hell paired with a diabolical explosion of synth empower BIFTER to open a portal. The gateway to a dark, magical realm of Occult Stoner Rock and Sludge. The band possesses an intrinsic musical alchemy and genre bending sorcery which is not easily conjured.

BIFTER has a strong desire to make you question all that you know through dark lyricism and themes of necromancy. Not to mention an on stage sound so electrifying they could raise the dead… Riff merchants Oceanlord and Shipyard join them for a night of tasty munchies, booze and most importantly RIFFS.