Best of the fest tuesday april 3

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Best of the fest tuesday april 3

Nath Valvo Show Pony

Nath is an Australian comedian who doesn’t shy away from the hard topics – sperm donation, night markets and how to pronounce acai bowls, to name a few. He counts Graham Norton as one of his fans, and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

Rose Callaghan No Way Rose

In this wine-themed show, Rose will explain to you the importance of rose in her life, and why she’s nicknamed it cougar juice. She’s popular with security guards, sells out comedy shows all over Australia, and won Best Comedy at the Sydney Fringe. Grab a glass on wine on your way into the perfect Tuesday night entertainment.

Best of the Edinburgh Fest

The three hottest names of the recent Edinburgh festival are joining forces for this killer deal – bargain hunters will be aware that this is not just Tightarse Tuesday, but also three-for-one! Comedians include John Hastings (CAN), Alfie Brown (UK) and Kwame Asante (UK). 

Emily Tresidder No, You Hang Up! 

She’s sharp and witty, and the co-host of a conversational iTunes top 50 podcast, meaning she can talk fast and on her feet. If you’re looking for a slightly physical, banter-heavy, charming and endearing stand-up show, Tresidder is the one for you. 

Fern Brady Suffer, Fools!

Fern is a Scottish comedian, making her Australian debut with close-to-the-bone comedy, observing politics and romance in her dry and witty style. She’s bold, brash and refreshing – sure to resonate with Aussie audiences.