Best Coast, Saturday January 28, The Corner Hotel

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Best Coast, Saturday January 28, The Corner Hotel


At first the unassuming Pop Singles seem like another guitar pop band, their warm summery tunes seeming a tad safe, with a noticeable lack of hooks. By the middle of the set however the songs started to get dirgier, riffs a little more intricate and a noticeable ’80s/Smiths influence began to shine through. Songs off their upcoming album were definitely a highlight.

Next up were Dune Rats hailing from Brisbane, bringing their garage power pop to the stage with a youthful exuberance and energy. Brimming with ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’, and synchronised harmonies from guitarist Danny and drummer BC, it can’t be denied that Dune Rats can pen a catchy danceable tune, but they borrow from the songwriting talents of Waaves’s Nathan Williams far too often.

Best Coast descended the stage to the theme song from Rocky, not a bad choice for a band that clearly don’t take themselves too seriously. Singer Bethany Cosentino’s songs of obsession and longing recall the teenage heartache we all once knew (or still know in the case of some of the baby faced crowd) in a manner that is juvenile, quirky yet somehow completely appealing. Her onstage banter was for lack of a better word ‘cute’, as she spoke about how much she dug Australia and how ‘rad’ and ‘awesome’ everything was, you couldn’t help but feel the personal and intimate atmosphere that her casual demeanor created.

Tracks from Crazy For You maintained their dreaminess with some added kick, and Cosentino’s voice appeared void of effects, utilized stunningly well to make up for the lack of backups. With their scene setting kick drum and tom intro’s, tonight’s versions of Summer Mood and I Want To really captured the heart and soul of Motown girls groups like the Shangri Las ­­– if they were to smoke a lot of weed. Heads and hips swayed along in time and the audience was captured by the incredibly simple but efficacious pop of Best Coast. Boyfriend naturally caused the most movement in the crowd and after introducing everyone to their new favourite drink, the chip shot (that’s the salt off a tortilla chip, a shot of Patron Silver and a wedge of lime) the band closed with the saccharine yet sweet When I’m With You. There were no particularly highs or lows, just a set filled with an intoxicating feel good energy that left the audience feeling content and in the mood for summer love.




LOVED: That Bethany’s voice sounded just as good as on the record.

HATED: Pushy gaggles of 18-year-old girls.

DRANK: Expensive Coronas.