Benny Burger on making Melbourne’s most ethical burger

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Benny Burger on making Melbourne’s most ethical burger


What has Benny Burger been up to? Since June 2017 we have been revolutionising the Australian burger market by sourcing sustainable, ethical and locally sourced ingredients to create an ethical burger offering that didn’t previously exist. Where we couldn’t find the right ingredients that could stand up to this, we made them, such as is the case of our award-winning cheese.

What is your most popular burger at the moment? The Mr Burns is a regular favourite, priced at only $8.90, it’s a sure-fire hit with young families and uni students alike.

What burger do you wish people would order more? The Sausage Roll burger is our take on the iconic Sausage Roll that has been a classic in Australian culture for generations.

The secret to a good burger is? The two crucial ingredients in a burger is the bun and the patty, and they both need to be perfect. The meat patty – the prime cuts that go into it and the fat ratio creates a juicy texture and flavoursome burger. As our burgers are 100% Blackmore Wagyu, we cook our burgers medium as it maintains the integrity of the patty. Our buns are made with organic flour and milk created in our bakery at Burnham Beeches fresh daily, hand shaped, and we never charge for gluten free.

Could you share some exciting news Benny Burger would like to make known? Our cheese is palm oil free, made with organic milk from Shultz Dairy in Timboon, and is award-winning, taking out the award for best Australian Cheddar at the 2017 International Cheese Awards.

Benny Burger was born when… Our Creative Director, Shannon Bennett, couldn’t find a burger in the market that he would be proud of feeding to his kids.

Where does Benny Burger turn to for inspiration? Benny takes inspiration from classic Australian dishes that need to be better, for not only us, but also for the environment.

What’s a Benny Burger moment you will always cherish? Setting up our beef patty production onsite meant we could have full control of the freshness, consistency and quality of product we are delivering, making the main star of our burger unbeatable.

If you could match a tune to Benny Burger what would it be? ‘Cheeseburger In Paradise’ by Jimmy Buffet.

What is Benny Burger most proud of? Creating a burger that uses sustainable and ethical products and supports local and farm-friendly processes. We’re happy to have created a burger that is not only delicious to eat but is better for the environment and for your waistline too.