Behind The Decks With: DJ Victor Lopez (ABK-225)

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Behind The Decks With: DJ Victor Lopez (ABK-225)


Where’s the strangest place you’ve woken up?

My house, last thing I remember I was four hours away in a different city with no ride, wasted. Woke up in my bed and still haven’t quite figured out how I got home.


Describe yourself using the title of a song.

Highest Man – Kerser


What was the weirdest thing you believed as a child?

Ninja turtles existed in the sewer.


The most awkward moment you’ve had as a DJ?

Laptop shutting down in the middle of my set.


What would be the worst dance track in the world to be tortured with on repeat?

Gangnam Style or The Macarena.


What’s the most played record in your bag?

Ain’t No Fun – Snoop Dogg


What question would you like to ask an omniscient, all-knowing being before you die?

Ey, you know I’m about to die, how do I stop it from happening?


If you hadn’t made it as a DJ, what job would you choose to work in instead?

I’ll become a rapper, then turn DJ when I’m famous in shit.


When and where is your next gig?

Big Day Out on Friday January 24 at the Flemington Racecourse and with Kerser at The Hi-Fi on Saturday February 15.