Beautiful Bedlam

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Beautiful Bedlam

Beautiful Bedlam are excited to be returning to the stage with their new vocalist Ben Wylie after an 18 month hiatus. They will be incorporating both brand new music and tracks from their debut 2021 self-titled album. Much like their ‘yin-yang’ band name suggests; Beautiful Bedlam deliver a manic and melodic blend of progressive/alternative rock music, with hints of jazz, metal, indie-pop, etc. (showcasing many different sound worlds).

Hailing from the industrial west of Naarm/Melbourne, Ambur blend Australiana noise rock, post punk and heavy shoegaze sounds to create an indescribable sound that is equal parts sharp, cunningly introspective yet brimming with chaotic and absurdist extroversion. Driven by their unusual instrumentation of electric violin, modulated bass, sonic loops and percussion, the trio wryly explore the state of being in modern life through their explosively emotive live performances laden with dreamy, swirling violin melodies and driven by forcefully moody bass and rhythm sections.

PSI PHI (“sci-fi”), features Sam Cope (Blue King Brown, Buttered Loaf, The Badloves) on Hammond Organ, Ryan Monro (The Cat Empire, The Meltdown) on bass, Kumar Shome (The Punkawallahs, Mad Vantage, Ajax Kwai) on guitar and Will Hull-Brown (The Cat Empire) on drums. They blend covers and originals, drawing inspiration from the gods and monsters of 70s-era prog and classic rock, expect anything from Floyd to Focus; Yes to Sabbath; Deep Purple to Kansas and everything in between.

The show is at The Catfish in Fitzroy on Saturday January 20th, doors at 7:30pm. Presale tix are $20, tix on the door are $25.

Set times:
PSI PHI: 8 – 8:40pm
Ambur: 9 – 9:40pm
Beautiful Bedlam: 10 – 10:40pm