The best food challenges in Melbourne

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The best food challenges in Melbourne

food challenges Melbourne
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Have you ever watched Man VS Food and thought to yourself, “I could do that”? Well, why not put your face-stuffing skills to the test. Melbourne is renowned for its food scene, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve got some pretty epic eating challenges.

From pizzas (almost) as big as a motorcycle wheel to over 5kg worth of burger and fries, these gut-busting food challenges are not for the faint of heart.

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BBQ Kitchen Sink Challenge at Third Wave Cafe

Launched this month, Third Wave Cafe’s BBQ Kitchen Sink Challenge is a two-person job. Totalling between 4-5kg of food, this monstrous feast includes a whole smoked chicken, two smoked beef ribs, 12 wings, three sliders, a bucket of slaw, mac and cheese, fries and pickles. Nobody has attempted it yet, so even if you fail you can still brag about being the first to give it a red hot go. You’ve only got 15 minutes to polish off the lot, so call up your hungriest friend and get ready for the food coma of all food comas.

Find Third Wave Cafe at 181 Victoria Ave, Albert  Park. 

The Don at Beer and Burger Bar

One of the first burger challenges in Australia, The Don has been around since 2014. Comprising a 700g brioche bun, 1.2kg worth of beef, a “ridiculous amount” of bacon and cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and beetroot relish plus 400g of fries and two cans of soft drink on the side, you’ll want to bring a big appetite to tackle it. The current record is 12 minutes and nine seconds, but if you can eat it within 90 minutes, it’s free. If you’ve managed to conquer The Don, try your hand at The Don 2.0, weighing in at approximately 5.2kg in total. Only one person has managed to chow down The Don 2.0, stomaching the lot in 21 minutes and 57 seconds.

Find Beer and Burger Bar at 112 Swan Street, Cremorne. 

22 Inch Pizza at Shawcross Pizza

A Northside institution serving up New York-style slices and pies, Shawcross is home to Melbourne’s biggest pizza. Their 22-inch pizza is equivalent to four large pizzas combined. That’s roughly the size of the front wheel on a Harley-Davidson. They’re serving up everything from classic pepperoni and Hawaiian to Indian and Greek-inspired toppings. If you can eat your way through the entire thing within 11 minutes, it’s on the house and you’ll take home a special edition t-shirt.

Find Shawcross Pizza at 324 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. 


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Hot As Hell Challenge at The B.East

Burger and live music hotspot The B.East is bringing the heat with their reaper burger, stacked with two beef patties, double bacon, double cheese and a hefty helping of jalapenos, all slathered in their “hot as fuck” reaper sauce. If you can demolish it within one minute and 15 seconds, you’ll take home a B.East t-shirt and if you can beat the record time, you’ll win yourself a $200 prize. You’ll want to have a pint handy to extinguish the fire in your mouth after trying your hand at this one.

Find The B.East at 80 Lygon Street, Brunswick. 


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Fatty Challenge at Fat Staks

Weighing in at 1.8kg, the Fatty Challenge involves 400g worth of beef patties, two 250g Southern fried chicken parmas, eight bacon rashers, pulled pork, a mac and cheese croquet, four slices of American cheese, four onion rings, two pineapple rings pickles, lettuce, aioli and sauce, all on a brioche bun. If you can finish it in less than 20 minutes, it’s free. If not, it’ll cost you $70 and your dignity.

Find Fat Staks at 3/12 Ormond Blvd, Bundoora.

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