Beat’s Guide to Melbourne’s cosiest pubs

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Beat’s Guide to Melbourne’s cosiest pubs


Once again, autumn has hurried by as fast a jack rabbit in front of a prairie fire. Before we could lounge in our leaf-strewn backyards and gardens, the reality of winter’s emergence is rearing its head. The cold doesn’t deter Melbourne, it enlivens it, but you have to know where to go, so here’s a list of the city’s cosiest pubs to light your fire.

The Gasometer

As the bandroom trembles behind you, tuck yourself away in the Gaso’s incredibly cosy front bar. The menu has been captured by the Cluster Truck folk and they won’t be letting go until September so stimulate your palette with everything from Vietnamese, to Latin and American cuisines — each month has a different slant.

484 Smith St, Collingwood

Leonard’s House of Love

Let me get this straight, Leonard’s House of Love is not a pub nor a bar, it’s an abode where wooden walls and taxidermy make you feel like you’re entrenched in the Alaskan woods. Their menu isn’t fancy but with a delectable selection of burgers, loaded fries and some other Mexican delights, this is certainly one to add to your list.

3 Wilson St, South Yarra

Wesley Anne

The Wesley Anne is as dark and mysterious as the hold of the Black Pearl, but that only adds to the charm. Their delicious selection of craft beers is accompanied by a warm arrangement of wines, which will no doubt include a mulled variety come winter.

250 High St, Northcote

Grace Darling Hotel

Melbourne’s second oldest pub has been a centrepiece of Collingwood’s nightlife for decades. A hotbed for emerging music talent, trundle upstairs and the bandroom will be pumping — the Grace has a wise eye for Melbourne’s next wave of musicians. There’s been renovations recently and the refreshed dining room welcomes you with open arms.  

114 Smith St, Collingwood

The Grosvenor

The Grosvenor flies the flag for the south and continues to be a sure bet when it comes to delicious dining. Nothing too endearing from the front, this Elwood dwelling holds it magic on the inside where a smart, contemporary restaurant awaits. Grab a beer here and you’ll probably cross paths with a few celebs while you’re at it.

10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East 

Labour in Vain

Fitzroy’s Labour in Vain sits within Melbourne’s pub cauldron. The competition is there but Labour in Vain doesn’t refrain and continues to provide a warm home for those keen for a Tuesday pint or Wednesday lager. Regular live music transforms the front bar on weekends so there’s no reason to wander past.

197A Brunswick St, Fitzroy

The Union Club Hotel

“Stuff it, let’s head to the Union.” — a catchphrase no stranger to a weekend-hankering northernite. Weekdays are weekends for these pals and the Union is the perfect habitat to frolic on days where yesterday was Sunday. Perch up on the couch, have a dart out the back, huddle up next to the fire… I’ll let you choose your poison.

164 Gore St, Fitzroy

Windsor Castle Hotel

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street and tuck yourself away within the four walls of the Windsor Castle. It’s four walls with the imagination of eight such is the amalgamation of juxtaposing themes. Wander through and as you pass the indoor palm trees capture the ox horns darting out from the walls. It’s like a world from The Wizard of Oz, but that’s how it should be. “Who’s shout?”   

89 Albert St, Windsor

Napier Hotel

“The Nape”, as it’s more commonly known, houses one of the best parma’s in this fine city. Man, that combination of cheese and tomato-doused chicken schnitzel with chips and salad does things to me. Then there’s the Melbourne Bitter on tap ice cold and I couldn’t think of a more admired bastion of the Fitzroy suburb.

210 Napier St, Fitzroy