The best pies in Melbourne

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The best pies in Melbourne


Keith’s Pies

The pie is Australia’s greatest borrowed treasure and as ancient Neoliths peer down on 21st century pie making they must be proud of our country’s contribution. 1960s traditionalists Keith’s Pies are a testament to this movement, executing their generic menu with effortless proficiency while not being constrained to minimalism. A cheeseburger number… huh? What about a spag bol pie? No way. Anything is possible at Keith’s – but don’t worry – a chunky regular beef is always waiting for those not keen on challenging their palate’s potential.

119 Burnley Street, Richmond


Pie and Mighty

Pakenham pastry legends Pie and Mighty changed their name from Pie Minister at the end of 2013 but it wasn’t because they were voted out of office – they faced some unavoidable trademark issues. If you haven’t been out south eastern way since because you’ve been worried it may have affected the pie quality, then you are gravely mistaken. Pie and Mighty are winning awards around the clock and most recently their chicken madras pie received a gold medal for Australia’s best poultry pie at the 2015 Great Aussie Pie Competition. Their hickory pulled beef also won silver. Enough said.

Shop 24, Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham

Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie

A unique proposition for a Sunday hangover is a pie and Coke – or a pie, sausage roll and coke depending on how hungry you are once your stomach fluids have decided whether they’ll sit or swim. I hear those fried food admirers attesting already, but until you’ve tried a pie from Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie you haven’t explored the best of Melbourne’s hangover cures. Spread the devilish beef and mushroom pie with an irresistible homemade tomato relish and you have a combination to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

163 Lygon Street, Brunswick East


Pure Pie

You arrive at Pure Pie’s counter and ask for a beef and rosemary pie and the waiter queries as to whether you’d prefer the eat-as-you-go option or the family pie alternative. You know a bakery is fair dinkum about their pies when they can offer a variety of sizes. The thought of taking the love and warmth of a pie home for your family is too great and you decide on the braised beef, Guinness and cheddar take-home option. The waiter scrunches his face at you like he’d just witnessed a Lebron tomahawk slam and sets you on your way. Don’t let that gooey cheddar seep onto the floor.

383 Bay Street, Port Melbourne


Heavenly Pies & Cakes

I’m coming to realise that many of Melbourne’s best pies do not just reside in the rapidly contemporising inner-city environs, but rather within ovens transforming recipes from generations past. Heavenly Pies & Cakes are as modest as they come when it comes to the premises’ appearance but no one ever won an award for best looking pie shop. Their tuna mornay and pizza pies won silver medals at the 2015 Great Aussie Pie Competition. Hot damn.

749 Mountain Highway, Bayswater


Fatto a Mano

It’s all natural and organic at Fatto a Mano, who make some of the most wonderfully wholesome delights for your fleeting lunchbreak. Celiacs and vegans are in heaven as a result of a specifically designed menu to cater for all. How about a vegan sourdough margarita or a gluten free gourmet beef pie? Two heroes they are, but you haven’t undergone the full Fatto experience without trying the mushroom, spinach and haloumi number.

228 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy


Barkly Hot Bread Bakery

I visited Vietnamese bakehouse Barkly Hot Bread once, and not long after I was back again, and again, and again. Initially their $6 pork rolls stuffed with cucumber, tomato, coriander, boiled egg and a margarine spread sustained my admiration, then I turned my head right and found the $2 lamingtons. But it wasn’t until my fifth or sixth visit that I laid eyes on the heated pastry selection perched atop the benchtop to the far right. A glorified footy pie selection is led by a classic beef and onion necessitating only a few silvers for a transaction.

84/86 Sydney Road, Brunswick


Pie in the Sky

Give me a home among the gumtrees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two and a kangaroo. Wally Johnson and Bob Brown weren’t talking about Olinda when they constructed their 1974 Aussie classic but they could’ve been easily mistaken. Pie in the Sky is your typical warm and inviting weatherboard tin roofer housing rich Devonshire teas, succulent Cornish pasties and delectable pies. They won 10 gold medals at the Great Aussie Pie Competition between 2001 and 2006 and their beef and Guinness is delicious.

43 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda

Image: Ruth Elison