Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Mr Burger

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Mr Burger


Where do you source your ingredients from? The highest mountains, the lowest valleys and anywhere people are making quality products. We use the best local ingredients and suppliers we can muster to make our burgers. As we continue to tweak and improve our burger, we keep seeking out people making great produce.

If you could match a tune to Mr Burger, what would it be? Beef Rapp – MF Doom.

What’s a Mr Burger moment you will always cherish? Definitely not the bridge, although we do hear about that every few months. It’s a close call between the time we fooled most of Melbourne into thinking we had acquired our own tram, or our Donald Trump browser extension that replaced The Donald with pictures of lovely burgers (if only it worked in real life). That’s what we enjoy here – making people’s day either with a delicious burger or internet hijinks.

What are you most proud of at Mr Burger? It has to be the amazing burger family we’ve built up over the years. From trucks to stores to warehouse to front office, our team is full of awesome, vibrant and good people. Our crew kicks arse.

The biggest burger sin is… Oversized, over-stuffed, “challenge” burgers. Many things in life are a contest, but eating shouldn’t be one. Quality ingredients that taste amazing, combined with consistency is the path to burger enlightenment.