Beat’s Best Barbers: Barber.Renata

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Beat’s Best Barbers: Barber.Renata


Tell us about your shop. It’s a shared studio space in Fitzroy, there are four of us in here, each individually running as a sole trader. It’s a big, well lit space on the second floor and there’s no street frontage so there’s minimal noise from trams and traffic. It’s a very inclusive space and has a pretty chilled vibe.

What is your approach? Traditional, contemporary, a mix of the two? A bit of both. Solid traditional cutting skills are essential in barbering, but I’m always up for breaking the rules. If a client has an idea or a photo of a haircut that I think is completely ridiculous, I’ll let them know. Coming to an agreement is always fun.

What trends are you noticing for mens grooming these days? Has it changed a lot? Instagram has changed the game a lot. People are more aware of current trends and their expectations of you are higher. This only makes you a better barber, having to constantly strive for that insta-perfect haircut.

What are your top men’s grooming/maintenance tips? It’s simple really. A good scrub in the shower goes a long way. If you think your hair’s dirty it probably is, so give it a wash.

What are your favorite/most popular styles of cut to do? I love to fade. High and tight, zero or lower fades are my favorite. I also love to cut mullets and am really excited about the current mullet trend that is happening. Mohawks are also making a come back and they’re fun too. The industry isn’t boring at the moment and that’s exciting.