Beat Eats: we’ve got you covered on the best bites at Coburg Night Market

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Beat Eats: we’ve got you covered on the best bites at Coburg Night Market


As we start to see our city lift its spirits this season, there’s plenty that’s popping up with it too; moonlight cinemas, rooftop bars, happy hours, night markets. But with the flurry of options, what’s actually worth going to? Well one event I’m backing is The Coburg Night Market who’s bringing together of artisan stalls, performers and musicians has gathered crowds for eight years strong now. Their food offerings are much to thank for this success, so here’s what’s not to miss this year.


As I’ve probably made known, my heart sings for pasta, so I couldn’t possibly leave a gnocchi bar out of my recommendations. Although this gnocchi isn’t just the perfect potato pillow, it’s gluten-free too, and trust me that’s rare. Gluten Free Gnocchi Bar by Ardor Food Co. – who’ve recently won medals for their gnocchi – is where to head. This year, they serve two gnocchi options: Gluten-free vegan gnocchi served with home-made pesto sauce, and gluten-free beetroot gnocchi served with butter and sage sauce.


Moving onto the spicy end of town, we have The Real Jerk who represent original, authentic and exotic Caribbean street food in the finest style. I’m not sure if you know much about making jerk, but for those who do, you know how much devotion is invested in its craft – there are over 30 ingredients used to marinate the chicken for over 24 hours before barbecuing. Classified as the forefront of Caribbean cuisine around Melbourne, I’d suggest sticking to their classic jerk as there’s really no need to mess around with that.


We’re familiar with meat pies here in Australia, but what about the other guys huh? Gourmet Pies will widen your knowledge with a finely selected menu of ten pies hosting strong, full flavours. Varieties include red lentil and ratatouille, spinach feta and fennel, or my favourite classic, peas mash and gravy.


So if art, food and music isn’t enough to hustle you down to The Coburg Night Markets, how about the welcome of all doggos too? Because no one should stuff their face alone.