Beat Eats: Toasta, Dos Diablos, and other staples of Inner Varnika

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Beat Eats: Toasta, Dos Diablos, and other staples of Inner Varnika


I’m certain by the time you’ve reached this point in the mag, you’re just a little bit excited for the luxuriously long weekend that’s approaching. And for plenty of our readers, that includes a well-deserved dance at Melbourne’s most intimate festival, Inner Varnika. Selectors aside – Silent Jay & Jace XL’s live set, who although regulars on the scene are sure to tear up the floor – guests are spoilt with a tasty troupe of food trucks who are sure to sooth pulsing limbs and grumbling stomachs around the clock. Here are my top picks on where to eat between sets, before a shining return to the floor:

Toasta will be pressing sandwiches without respite this weekend, with plenty of top-produce-oozing-with-flavour options on offer. They’re all about real food, so if you’re thinking melted cheeses and crunchy crusts, then you’ve got the picture. My go-to order has forever been ‘Tommy’, which melts cheese between two thick, buttery slices of bread (in all the right ways), with basil pesto, tomato and ham. Although when I’m feeling something less rich, but just as indulgent, I’ll order ‘Jane’, which melts three signature cheeses together with a pickle (I’d say order two pickles for extra bite).

Dos Diablos returns to the show serving their widely celebrated roasted pork tacos. You can’t miss their red vintage ex-CFA canteen truck, waiting patiently to serve you their heavenly creations. With flavours that are equal parts spicy and powerful, you’ll for sure feel replenished. Try their Diablos Fries, Nachos and Quesadillas, too.

Vegan and vegetarian options are of course available across the floor, but if you’re looking for leaders in the game, head to Vegilicious. Best of all, unlike most health-focused eateries, these guys are actually affordable. All dishes are homemade from local, seasonal and environmentally gentle produce, as is their packaging too.

Other regulars include all-time-legends Alley Tunes Coffee (who’ve been spinning records and lattes since the first ever IV), That Arancini Guy, Baby Burgers, The Lismore Derrinalium Football Club Barbecue (perfect for those who’ve spent all their dime on beer and candy) and finally Bendouin Chai Tent (expect to get stuck here for longer than planned).